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Job Etiquette: Home Sweet Home

Over the past year, there is one question that has been dominant in almost every interview whether in person or by telephone: “Can I work from home?” Or, perhaps they will say, “I am used to telecommuting and have a home office.” Some suggest, “I can come in a few days a week and work at home for the rest of the week.” These questions often happen on first interviews or first phone screens. 290 more words


All truly great whinges are conceived while walking

There is nothing like a highly personal yet public blog post to give me a change of perspective.  If I’m having a bit of a whinge I usually step back a bit and consider, at least to some extent, how other people might view my situation.  280 more words


5 Ways to Invest In Your Children's Future

Investing. Typically, when we talk about investing, we are thinking about putting money into stocks, bonds, or mutual funds in a retirement account or a savings account. 844 more words


Can I have a rewarding career and be a mum too?

I am feeling a bit grumpy at the moment about work and starting to wonder if it’s really possible to balance my career and family responsibilities. 736 more words