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From the Balcony - Call to Worship

Waldorf and Statler are two of my all-time favorite television characters. The two were part of Jim Henson’s “The Muppet Show.” If you aren’t familiar with the show, it was presented as a variety show with various acts performed in front of an audience. 515 more words




I choose my future,

I choose how I die,

I am alpha.

Queue the rising crescendo,

the beating drum and soothing violin,

the epic guitar rift. 106 more words


Practically Perfect Space


The term ‘balcony’ has been derived from the Italian word ‘balcone’, which literally means scaffold. Radha Prathi ponders over how the balcony came to be utilised all over the world, for centuries. 604 more words

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OMG What's That Smell!

ML and I were on the balcony just after the rice harvest when the most disgusting aroma I have ever had the misfortune to smell wafted by. 677 more words


Long Wind

Black birds on a grey sky

Static on the wind

The melancholy memory of another time

Spent glancing up

Between studies of the ground

In this slice an empty snake suddenly stirs, a swollen bulk beneath the surface… 121 more words


This may or may not be Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon pouring beer off of a balcony

Is it them? Could be. Or it could be just some random white guy and random black guy getting turnt at a party and giving some innocent bystanders a beer shower. 303 more words