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How to rock your head during Chemo Therapy- THE HEAD GEAR

I thought I’d be the lucky few that wouldn’t lose my hair during Chemo Therapy. After all, I knew I had an EGGHEAD (can that ever be seen as a compliment?) So I tried the cool cap and it WORKED, for the first 2 Chemos until my hair started falling out EVERYWHERE. 761 more words


And then there's the day you shave your mother's head for her birthday

I’m not the first daughter to shave her mother’s head due to chemotherapy and I won’t be the last. Actually, it was kind of fun. There’s just something about shaving someone’s head. 163 more words


New Wrinkles; how dose this development change my life?

If I wake with my heart is pumping, my eyes are open to see the mirror of my wrinkles, I would first recognize the lack of hair on my bald head before the wrinkles. 268 more words

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