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Cyralost LIVES!


This is the new blog, all about my mythological world, Cyralost.  I just posted the first 50 posts, including stories, fantasy poems (that you may or not seen here on Baldypoems) and a few other interesting items.  116 more words


SillyPoem #41

I saw a grubby van, where the owner

(Who was the world’s biggest jerk),

Wrote: I wish my wife was this dirty,

So I wrote: She is when you’re at work!


Pals (Written for Al forbes)

You leave me alone,

When I want to be on my own,

And my wishes,

You have heeded,

But you’re always there,

To show that you care, 128 more words


Diligence (Written for Charles E.Yallowitz)

A steady effort without resistance,

Applying one’s self with earnest persistence,

Industrious, attentive and never shirking,

From responsibility, one is always hard working,

Ensuring consistency and competence, no less, 22 more words


Caress of the Empyrean

Life seems without meaning, revenant, and

Empty, the bread is flat and without flavour,

The whiskey is sour, without warmth, and

Spoilt without you. The seconds still to a… 84 more words


Call of the Wild

A whisper at the window,

Beckons me to the glass,

A susurrus, insensible,

Until the moon has passed,

And wanderlust calls,

Another gypsy to roam, 11 more words



The crazy never, ever,

Die – They live on,

In our laughter,

In our poems and our pity,

In our promises and rainbows,

In our zebra Faerie city, 38 more words