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Losing My Hair

I got a very short buzz cut last Tuesday because my hair was starting to fall out in clumps when I showered. I had gotten my long hair cut short to make this easier, but honestly I don’t think there exists a way to make this step easy. 1,125 more words

Breast Cancer




Outmoded, outdated,

Past tense, perhaps,

But I get frustrated,

With anything more

Technical, than a

Toaster, electrical

Appliances are the bane

Of my existence, 140 more words



I laughed in the face of the bullies,

Ignored the names they called me,

‘My dad’s better than your dad?’ Ha!

Bring it on, ’cause mine’s a baldy!


Silly Poem #131

It’s amazing what you get arrested for these days,

Who’d have thought that it was a crime,

To have sex with a fish?  Of course, I claimed: 10 more words


Silly Poem #132


A woman in a club ran her hand over my head,

But was not the first to ask of many,

If bald men truly make fantastic lovers, I said: 10 more words


October 16th... First full day skiing adventure of the season!

During the last few hours of work yesterday, I found myself brainstorming ideas for what I would do with my day off. Its hard not to think skiing immediately, however it hasnt snowed in summit county in a few days and everything in the immediate area was looking pretty thin. 511 more words

Ski Mountaineering

SO LONG BALDY.........


It wasn’t just another face staring at me from Page 10 of the Times of India. That’s where the dear departed are often featured. 1,036 more words