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From Hello

I never believed that I would be attracted to someone from an auto-related profession. The love of my life, the reason I wake up in the morning and the one person I think about at night is a… 1,663 more words

The Autobiography Box


I am a river,

As yet, unnamed,


Not to be tamed,

I am the tide,

That will not be turned,

Detrimental determination,

I guess I never learned.


Losing My Hair

I got a very short buzz cut last Tuesday because my hair was starting to fall out in clumps when I showered. I had gotten my long hair cut short to make this easier, but honestly I don’t think there exists a way to make this step easy. 1,125 more words

Breast Cancer




Outmoded, outdated,

Past tense, perhaps,

But I get frustrated,

With anything more

Technical, than a

Toaster, electrical

Appliances are the bane

Of my existence, 140 more words



I laughed in the face of the bullies,

Ignored the names they called me,

‘My dad’s better than your dad?’ Ha!

Bring it on, ’cause mine’s a baldy!


Silly Poem #131

It’s amazing what you get arrested for these days,

Who’d have thought that it was a crime,

To have sex with a fish?  Of course, I claimed: 10 more words


Silly Poem #132


A woman in a club ran her hand over my head,

But was not the first to ask of many,

If bald men truly make fantastic lovers, I said: 10 more words