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Silly Poem #139

Two hedgehogs at the side of the road,

One called Dave, the other, Deborah,

One asked if they should cross and the other,

Said ‘Not after what happened to the zebra!’


Silly Poem #134

Light travels faster than sound,

A proven theory none can tweak,

Hence my brother appears quite bright,

Until you hear him speak…



Silly Poem #137

Poets, pen-pushers, playwrights,

For us, getting served is hard,

Even dear old Shakespeare was

Often told he was bard.


Silly Poem #136

When it comes to providing anything,

I will never ever be outdone,

Someone asked me for a double entendre,

So naturally, I gave them one.




“NO!”  He woke with a start, woke

But did not wake, slept but did not

Sleep; he was between dreaming and

Waking yet keenly aware that neither… 247 more words


Furnished With Frustration

I built a wardrobe,

Hooray for me!

Flat-pack bastard,



Silly Poem #135

Robots will one day replace soldiers?

Stop this madness at once, I beg!

I mean, seriously, who is going to

Dip a robot in their egg?