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Gusti: the Guide of Tirta Gangaa

“G’day mate. Bloooody awwwwesoome”. Gusti, our local guide during our tour of Tirta Gangaa bursts out in perfect Australia drawl. This would be a little gimmicky, cringe-worthy even on anyone else, but for some reason it’s just plain endearing on this guy. 564 more words

Life In Bali

The world of Yoga is Beautiful

The world that we are talking about here is Bali and it is like heaven on earth for passionate yoga lovers. All thanks to the amazing Jeda yoga retreats in Bali. 228 more words


Scuba Seraya Resort - Bali

Scuba Seraya Resort – Bali

Just 3 km before the world renown dive destination Tulamben with it’s famed “Liberty” ship wreck on Bali’s Northeast coast, wedged between the sparkling water of beautiful, un-spoilt Muntig Bay and the holy mountain, Gunung Agung, lies a cluster of luxurious Villas and Maisonettes. 638 more words


Want to Rent a House on Bali that is Equipped with All the Amenities of Life

Bali is sometimes regarded as an exemplary location to watch out for the true beauty of nature. Furthermore, whoever once visits this beautiful land, wishes to come here again and again. 277 more words


Taste of Bali: Base Gede (Basic Spice Sauce)

Although assembling this sauce can be quite labor intensive (especially if you hand-grind the mixture in a lesung in the traditional fashion), Base Gede is the quintessential ingredient in most Balinese dishes. 229 more words


Top Three Cooking Experiences in Ubud

Bali, the “Island of the Gods.” Most people who visit fall madly in love with the warm people, the lush landscape, the almost otherworldly spirituality and the exotically-spiced food. 531 more words