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Reticulated Python Care

Scientific Name: Python Reticulatus

Sexing and Characteristics:
The wild type mainland reticulated python will always have a variable appearance, but in general they are long and proportionally slender snakes. 1,327 more words


Ball Python Care

Caresheet for Royal Python

Scientific Name: Python Regius

The Ball python (Python regius) is a species of small bodied python that is found throughout Africa. 1,278 more words



Had to move Skaro’s dish so I could feed him.  Then when I went to move it back he hissed at me like “FUCK YOU HUMAN, I’M DIGESTING”. 8 more words

The Overview: Let's Discuss What We've Learned

It’s been an exhausting semester! Finals are coming up fast, and it’s finally time to wrap up the Keeper. For my final bow, I’ll leave you wonderful lot with an overview of all we’ve covered together– that way you’ll always have a reference sheet. 777 more words

Snake feeding day.

I sort of love snake feeding day.   Today especially since Wade the Little Bastard ate (he’s been off feed since I got him).   But truthfully?  The best part about feeding any snake is the moment they get to the bottom of their food and all that’s sticking out of their mouth is a tail.  Snake cigar.   Laughter ahoy.