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Snake Surrender

Teen purchased a second snake last weekend.

You read that right. There are two, count ‘em, two snakes living in our home.

Along with three leopard geckos, a tortoise, three cats, and one (or two) dogs (our dog and our neighbors’ dog are best friends so we – or our neighbors – often have two dogs). 1,369 more words

Day 18. Monifa

This is Monifa, one of my Ball Pythons. Why Monica I may hear you ask. 15 more words


Our Big Vacation

I’m finally back from our huge vacation.  We actually travel to/through 11 states in 7 days!  

So we started our first drive two days after Christmas. 229 more words


Last post of 2014

I am so happy that today is New Year’s Eve because I get to stay up late. I get to stay up until 12:10 am. The latest that I have stayed up before is 12:01 where I went to bed and I instantly fell asleep.   620 more words

Another Snake, Another Day...or is it Dollar.

We are now the proud owners of another Normal Ball Python.

Mr. P is ecstatic and can’t contain himself. I’m like oh that’s awesome as long as I don’t have to tough her. 166 more words

Sneaky Snake

Mr. P got a snake a few months ago. It’s been a long road of education and learning but we’ve almost got it.

Poor guy wouldn’t eat for weeks and then we had to finally force feed him to get the job done. 47 more words