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Haven’t posted in quite some time…. Just stopping by to introduce the new addition to our little family <3

Meet Kaa, our Ball Python.

We purchased Kaa on July 18th. 82 more words


Update on Skull the Python

Our little wyrm is no longer so little!  The last time he was weighed, about a month ago, he was over 600 grams and measured over 35 inches.   123 more words

Ball Python

Healthy Ball Python Breeding Tip

When it comes to breeding your Ball Python there are many factors to be considered. Obviously sexual maturity is necessary for a Ball Python to reproduce. 104 more words

Ball Python

Bumble Bee (Female)

Female Bumble Bee Ball Python we are looking forward to breeding next year.

Ball Python

Killer Queen Bee

Hey guys!

Check out our Killer Queen Bee Ball Python. We are really looking forward to breeding him later this year. Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Ball Python

Blue Eyed Lucy!

Check out our Blue Eyed Lucy Ball Python! She is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely one of the most exotic morphs.

Ball Python