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You know what they say about grocery shoping when you're hungry?

The same should probably be said for pointe shoe shopping when you’ve just finished a class where you wanted to throw your shoes out the widow of the second floor studio. 328 more words

Adult Ballet

Happy summer!

Happy summer, dancers! How are you all doing? How are you keeping busy?

Me, I’m being lazy. I was planning to start pilates and stretch-and-tone classes, but work has been busy so I haven’t got around to it yet. 146 more words


Getting back into the habit.

Okay, so this particular get up doesn’t exactly exude the modesty of a nun’s frock, but it IS, in its own unique and recognizable fashion, my uniform of commitment.  124 more words

Of course!

So a friend and I are planning a trip to London in a couple of weeks (we live about two, three hours away).

Thinking about what I want to do that day – do I want to go down Oxford Street, do I want to go to Harrods? 86 more words