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I'm too old to do the splits

When I was growing up, I went to dance classes three times a week. I did this for over ten years before going to uni. At uni, I didn’t do dance classes, but I was involved with a number of shows that required me to dance. 427 more words


rond , dedan : get the heels around

he kept telling us in rond de jambe par tarre and en’lair – ‘get the heels around , heels around and heels around’ .
he said it for so many times that whenever I do these two things I immediately have his voice in my head … 13 more words


lift your hips in pirouette and jumps ~

did you lift your hips in pirouette ?
did you lift your hips in pas de chat ?
I haven’t yet . that’s why he was telling us . yeah .


good chaine-rs , bad chaine-rs

this plot can only be understood by mr leeth’s students ~
haha it’s about chaines ~


watch the lower arm in the ecarte devant

just a reminder from him in the tendu exercise in the center that sometimes we forget about this arm in the back in ecarte devant : don’t forget the elbow and don’t forget to keep it still in front of our bodies , although we are not looking at it ~ 20 more words


travel a yard in assemble ~

his famous one yard combination ~

it’s 2:45 am . just woke up from a nap , a cup of juice , and now enjoy the sound of wind in a warm feather bed in the darkness ~ : )