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Poetry alive and well:

In Melbourne this week poets have been getting up early to take their poetry to the people. At the end of each railway line, they’ve taken helium balloons and released them in the carriages for people to find. 97 more words


The Blue Balloon

In the past year, I have lived in three different countries. It’s a bit mental in retrospect, but in the moment, it always seems to be the only feasible option. 609 more words


Thanksgiving Parade Balloons Gone Wild!

You’d think wild animals might cause more trouble than balloon animals.

Yet when Macy’s held its first parade 90 years ago, the animals borrowed from the Central Park Zoo were hardly a handful. 541 more words

My Ritual

Its such a final thing dying. I think that’s why its scary. There are no other options or plan b’s, its just the reality. The sad, angry, desperate reality. 383 more words

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Window display

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Balloons and Portraits and Shoes, Oh My!

Part of photography training always includes studios. I had the privilege to use the studio on campus for one of my latest photography assignments.

The studio is a totally different feel from my usual outdoor photography. 358 more words