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COC Celebrates Fun Days

The College of Communication, together with it’s students and faculty, continues to thrive in building raport and camaraderie within each other. It is however be great to continue honing this relationship between the members of the College, and the excellency of the students in the field of sports, literary, and musical through a healthy competition through the COC Days 2014. 530 more words


Bazarika's parties

Aceptémoslo, los globos son la mejor decoración para cualquier fiesta. Hemos tenido la oportunidad de decorar muchos eventos, que si bien la mayoría consta de globos y guirnaldas, cada ha tenido su particularidades. 132 more words



Never seen a true giant-tent-exotic animal-strange feets-carnival. Not really. So what? Lets imagine them. Crazily :)

Update: Not that exotic animals should be here, really ;) so lets imagine them Fierce, Wild, Exhilarating,  Free :)

Organic State #4 (Balloons)

After a fourth and fifth day (last weekend) in the studio working specifically on ‘dribble’ paintings I decided to take a break from that subject and technique to experiment and create in other areas… currently I have many ideas in my head and not enough hours in the day to proceed on more than one of them at a time. 59 more words


Volvo vs Volkswagen

Despite Boston being the most pedestrian friendly city in the states it is inevitable; we will need a vehicle of some kind. We have the rental car for another couple of weeks yet but when we have to give it back we’ll need a replacement – if for no other reason to allow the husband to get to work. 83 more words