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Nanowrimo Alternative: Day 15, Dancing On My Own

So last night, after I wrote the post for Day 14, I ended up watching New Girl for a while. I was on the episode in season two where the guys leave Jess alone in the loft because they are trying to pick up chicks and she is a cooler. 339 more words


Photos: So Kate Thinks She Can Dance

Picture of Kate with her father © Kareya Saleh

Off to practice © Kareya Saleh

On the T, coffee in hand and headed to Newton © Kareya Saleh… 78 more words


Competitive dancing keeps this senior on her toes

Dancer Michaela “Pinky” Puno has a unique story to tell. At 65, she’s on top of her game in international ballroom dancing despite having undergone three surgeries—replacements on the right knee and left hip, and a torn shoulder cuff. 38 more words

Individual Thoughts And Actions

Get to Know: DWOS15 Dancer Al Jamir

I’m a community volunteer who serves on 15 boards and organizations.  My passion as an OPTIMIST is to service youth in our community thru the… 241 more words

American Red Cross

What I Learned This Weekend

Yesterday, I spent all day either ballroom dancing or with APO.

So, what to do today?

Apparently, because either a) I have no life, b) I have too much of a life, c) I’m a glutton for punishment, or d) I want to avoid doing schoolwork, I got in bed at 1:30, got up at 11, showered, threw some food in my mouth, went to Memorial Union for dance practice from 1 PM-4 PM, came home, went back out again to APO meeting from 8 PM-9 PM. 446 more words

Things I Can Do, Things I Can Did

Today, I managed to:

  • Get up at 6 AM to make my houseguests breakfast.
  • Make it to Engineering by 9 AM to assist a workshop for APO Region Rally.
  • 151 more words

Ballroom Dancing

“Ballroom” is a style of “partners dance” that is enjoyed socially and competitively worldwide.

This style of dance is growing in popularity in North America! 35 more words