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Dance Therapy

“You know, you look different when you dance.


Like calm, like, like you’re at peace or something.

Well, yeah, that’s ’cause when I’m dancing, I’m in my moment.

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Swing Dancing

Dancing Class

When Thomas asked me if I’d like to take ballroom dancing classes with him I practically choked with happiness. Who would have thought, a guy that likes to dance? 343 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Getting So Much Better All The Time

This past Friday night Lord Junior had taken on the responsibility of teaching the Hustle class, much to his chagrin (the man really dislikes Hustle for some reason). 1,950 more words


A cup of cold (?) water.

A recent newspaper article referred to something called ‘slamming’. Apparently the aim is to keep walking in a straight line on a busy pavement. If that involves bumping into someone who doesn’t get out of the way quickly enough, so be it. 240 more words


Types of BallRoom Dancing

With ballroom dancing growing in popularity, more and more people are choosing to learn how to dance. Until recently, ballroom dancing wasn’t an ideal activity for everyone – it was mainly reserved for the older generations and the wealthy. 533 more words


Can the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Samba?

Well, the trigger is pulled. I bit the bullet. Signed the dotted line. So, yeah, I am going to Heritage comp again the first week of March. 919 more words

Ballroom Dancing

Thinking About: Dances, Dancing and History

I recently began to learn the Viennese waltz. I am a newcomer to ballroom dance, but it seems very different to the modern ballroom waltz. I couldn’t help wondering about its history. 481 more words

Baroque Dance