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Bally Chohan: If interest of Russians would attacked in Ukraine then Russia will respond

As per Bally Chohan News Reporter Mr Lavrov additionally blamed the US for “running the show” in Ukraine – a case Washington released as “over the top”. 134 more words

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Bally Chohan: Three children found dead in London

Officers find the dead body of three children on Tuesday in New Malden. Lady has been arrested after this deadly case.

3 children who were pronounced as dead were four year girl and two boys that might be of 3 years. 122 more words

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Bally Chohan: Divest yourself of dyspepsia by practicing yoga

As per the statistics of Bally Chohan Around one fourth of the population in UK is affected by dyspepsia .actually people have one common thing in their mind and they basically consider their health in second position while their career and business on the first position. 229 more words

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Bally Chohan: Habituate yourself to recruiters

Seekers want a clear picture of recruiters, they actually are not aware what would work and what not, what to do in order to get a job and what mistake can snatch job from your hands. 270 more words


Bally Chohan: Feel fresh in summers with yoga

As the hot season is about to reach one thing that came in mind of people is sweating.oh my god these intolerable summer bring unobvious frustration, laziness and itching. 255 more words


Bally Chohan: Stay miles away from pollen allergy by practicing yoga

You all must not be aware of this pollen allergy but one who suffers from sneezing, runny noses, itching in your eyes, coughing must be aware of this disease as these all are symptoms that person suffering from pollen allergy might face and it would be at zenith point when small particles from trees, grass get releases in summer as well as in spring season. 218 more words

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Bally Chohan: Employers are not god and seekers are not beggars… mind it

Job portal is a forum of it can be a pathway that opens several doors to employers and seekers.

Seekers or we can say job hunters that are always in search of job and keen to get better jobs in their hand. 254 more words