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Bally Chohan: Employers are not god and seekers are not beggars… mind it

Job portal is a forum of it can be a pathway that opens several doors to employers and seekers.

Seekers or we can say job hunters that are always in search of job and keen to get better jobs in their hand. 254 more words


Bally Chohan News: Even the tears of Mr. Pistorius are considered as his way “to escape” by prosecutor

No one in this world may able to understand the pain, sorrow of lost ones except the one whose beloved ones are there in coffin in front of them. 210 more words

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Bally Chohan: Treatment of piles (hemorrhoids) by yoga

This disease may not threaten your life but may cause unbearable pain because of the swollen veins around the anal canal. Piles can be of two types either internal or external and people of all ages are the victims of such dreadful disease. 229 more words

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Bally Chohan: Recipe for vanilla fudge

How much time it would take: 15 min, plus cooling

Time of cooking: 25 min




300 ml milk

350 g caster sugar… 137 more words

Bally Chohan: What to do when you are fired???

3 words “you are fired” May stop your career growth within one second and make you unemployed. This make you depress to the large extent that you may even not fell god to bath, to talk , to do anything, or to have even a single conversation with your colleagues. 275 more words


Bally Chohan:” Eyes free yoga” for blind people

Even the blind people have desires in their mind and they are not different individuals but as same as you therefore opportunities have knocked out at their door. 271 more words


Bally Chohan: What to ask when you get an offer letter??

Oh my god how astounding we feel when we heard from the employer that we are selected for so and so position. That amazing feeling can’t be expressed in words but you should not forget to ask certain questions at that time where there is offer letter in your hand. 308 more words