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From Baluchistan to Tharparkar – A Peek that feels heart-wrenching!

We all are endowed with countless blessings, creations and colours – We have been enjoying these privileges from hundreds of years – It is very easy to dwell devoid of tribulations, snags, and overlook thinking about those, are encircled by the relentless catastrophes. 544 more words


بلوچستان کےعلاقے لسبیلہ میں پنجاب سے تعلق رکھنے والے 9 مزدورو ں کی لاشیں برآمد

لسبیلہ کے قریب سے 9 مغوی مزدوروں کی لاشیں برآمد ہوئی ہیں ، مرنے والوں کا تعلق پنجاب کے مختلف علاقوں سے تھا اور وہ محنت مزدوری کیلئے لسبیلہ میں آئے تھے ۔پولیس کے مطابق مزدوروں کو گزشتہ رات اغوا کیا گیا تھا اوراتوار کی صبح ننگ ہار کے علاقے سے ان کی لاشیں برآمد ہوئیں۔ اغوا ہونے والوں میں سے ایک مزدور کو زندہ چھوڑ دیا گیا ہے ، پولیس نے مزدوروں کی لاشیں قبضے میں لے کر تفتیش کا آغاز کر دیا ہے۔


Lakes in Pakistan, a paradise beyond Imagination!

Pakistan is home to a large number of lakes and water reservoirs, I myself am a big fan of lakes and places full of water, I wanted to make a list of all the lakes of Pakistan and their pictures so that one can find them and visit them with ease! 796 more words


PPP to raise in NA issue of migration from Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Peoples Party has decided to raise in the National Assembly the issue of unprecedented migration of people of different communities from Balochistan. 387 more words

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Balochistan will never leave Pakistan

When during the Musharraf regime, Pakistan government initiated the construction of Gwadar deep-seaport in Balochistan province in March 2002 with Chinese assistance, sirens went off in the capitals of foreign countries, especially the United States, India and Israel. 1,197 more words

The dangers Balochistan faces

Balochistan, the resource-rich province of Pakistan, appears to have been attracting the attention of foreign predators, usurpers and imperialistic powers who intend to expand their influence in the region to gain control of minerals and other economic resources. 957 more words