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The Crew

Creative, Imaginative and completely unique. The Baloney Kids are passionate about motor sports and design.

Baloney Kids make custom vinyl graphics, logos and whatever else you think can be possible. 46 more words


First Post

Drew this up after working on this website. Not really sure where she came, just started drawing and this is what happened. She still needs work, but definitely one of the best girls I’ve ever drawn.

Please click image :)


Artery clogging Breakfast Sandwich!

Okay, so this is a sandwich you want to make for breakfast if you want a heart attack. It was awesome. We saw this picture on Imgur and decided, why not?? 145 more words


'Woody Whistle' Given to Girl Scouts of America members in Manhattan to Help Protect Girls From Woody Allen

The Girl Scouts of America announced today the introduction of a new warning system for girls and parents concerned about safety, called the “Woody Whistle… 697 more words


Exclusive: Controversial Female Teachers' Group Dedicated to "Woman-Boy Love" Pledges Legal Support to Meredith Powell

Out of the Shadows: NAWBA Members Defend Their Affairs With Young Male Students, Promote Social Acceptance

NABWA, the North American Boy-Woman Association, a controversial organization of female school teachers, is a support group, a social club, and a legal defense organization. 1,441 more words


Charles Krauthammer Shows Up Drunk on Megyn Kelly's Set, Unannounced

“I apologize for my lack of discretion, I don’t usually allow my comments to get personal. I deeply regret the condition I was in during my appearance. 541 more words


A Boy's Best Friend is His Stomach.

A boy’s best friend is his stomach.  They are inseparable; where one goes, the other is sure to follow.  Whether reveling in the great outdoors or huddled on the couch with an iPad, a boy will inevitably insist on only one pertinent fact throughout all his childhood:  “I’m hungry.” 1,397 more words