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B.S. Meter

I have this theory: we all have a “BS” meter built deep in our souls. Think of a gauge with a needle that swings on one end fromĀ  391 more words


Language and the Law

I am careful to limit my indulgences into highfalutin academic discussions of law for fear of becoming an insufferable snob, but this being my first time in Europe I decided to remain open minded. 939 more words

Lois Lerner Sandwich

The Obama Administration has create a “delectable” sandwich called the “Lois Lerner” in honor of her “excellent” work done at the IRS headquarters in “deleting” 265 more words


Gooey Deer

My piece of work for the transformation contest on Deviantart. Go check it out.


How Would You Rate John Kerry? Baloney!

I am very dismayed at why in God’s name Secretary of State John Kerry could say that the release of five top Taliban commanders in exchange for a solider that apparently walked off his post, wouldn’t injure Americans. 455 more words