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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Duck?

I was on the road last week and stopped at a friend’s house along the way.  In the morning, while deciding what to do for breakfast, she showed me a dozen duck eggs she had just purchased.   259 more words

Fig Toasts with Honey Drizzle

Lately, I’ve been eating figs. Lots and lots of figs.

Figs with oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, figs infused into vodka (oh yeah, that’s comin’ at ya soon), and figs on toast drizzled with honey. 423 more words


Food stuffed with other food: Peppadews+goat cheese

Appetizers are delicious but annoying. Often they’re really fiddly to make or have to be kept hot or cold for multiple hours to avoid killing guests or are the epitome of boring (crudite anyone?). 596 more words


Tomato Cobbler with Gruyère Biscuits

I am not going to wax poetic today about beautiful cherry tomatoes or caramelized onions or intensely cheesy biscuits.

I am just going to tell you to go make this tomato cobbler… 904 more words


Sticky Fig Chutney

This recipe is one of my mom’s masterpieces and is a family favourite! It transforms even the most mediocre of sandwiches into a gourmet masterpiece and is amazing with any kind of cheese. 200 more words


Watermelon Salad

I love watermelon. Some of my best memories are of my dad bringing home a watermelon, cutting it in half and we’d sit in the den with our respective halves, towels across our chests, passing the salt shaker back and forth because just a little sprinkle brings the flavor out. 162 more words

Side Dishes

The Natvia Diary: Raspberry, Pomegranate Balsamic and Yoghurt Ice Cream with Raspberry, Pomegranate Balsamic Coulis.

This recipe takes a little bit of time to prepare, however it’s super simple and makes a very yummy alternative to ice cream that’s overloaded with sugar and fat. 379 more words