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Braised Beef Salad

I’ve reached the end of a busy cooking week making cornish hens, enchiladas, pulled pork and a roast beef! Fridge was looking a little desolate, and I was left with what you see here. 341 more words


Neo-Classical Thanksgiving 2: Cranberries

I love cranberries! They are one of my favorite ingredients in fresh, frozen or dried form. They can be a little harsh to eat straight but can add great color, depth of flavor and a nutritional boost to dishes. 361 more words



So! As you may have guessed, I rather like talking about food.

I’m extremely lucky that my coworkers, AKA the people I’m with 40+ hours per week, also quite enjoy this topic. 630 more words

Lunchbox Series Part 1: Roasted Butternut Chickpea Salad with Tahini and Balsamic

When a co-worker of mine recently asked whether the recipe for the salad I was eating for lunch was up on my blog, an idea came to mind for an opportunity to start a new mini-series here on the blog. 254 more words


This is my last remaining bread left in the Basic Bread chapter – hurray! To celebrate, I decided to elaborate on the recipe, just a little bit… I decided that Focaccia on its own probably wouldn’t do us a whole meal so I decided to make a Focaccia Pizza! 179 more words

Basic Breads

Baked Salmon w/ Balsamic Strawberry Salsa

Whoa. The combination of bittersweet balasmic and fresh strawberry is top notch! Who knew that these two would pait well?? Anyways, in my opinion, I prefer to bake my salmon instead of pan frying them because I dislike the excess oil that ends up on my dinner plate. 245 more words