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Baltic/Scandinavian Adventure: Tallinn

Tallinn is best described as a small medieval port town. I found it extremely adorable. We spent the first half of our day touring the Presidential palace, ruins of the Pirita Convent, and the largest waterfall in Estonia.   184 more words

Baltic/Scandinavian Adventure: Helsinki

I really liked Helsinki.  From the food, to the people, it was great fun. Our private guide was actually from Austria and living there for her University studies. 229 more words

Baltic/Scandinavian Adventure: Cruising

I want to start off by debunking a few of the most common cruise myths that people think of when you mention “cruise”. It’s not all old people, and, for those who are lazy. 222 more words

The Silversea incident and Russia relations

By Tom Stieghorst

It’s getting chancier to plan a cruise that includes a stop in Russia.

Relations between Russia and the West are turning frosty following the downing of a Malaysian Air passenger jet near the Russian border with Ukraine. 311 more words

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Enjoy Spectacular Places on Your Holidays to Lapland!

Travelling may be a little name of high voltage thrill and excitement. It’s a amazing way to cut back on the stress of the work and to reinforce the fun things in life. 292 more words


Bring the Joy and Excitement of This Season into Your Life!!

Scandinavian cruises are the hottest spot for traveling these days. Travelers from the entire world are attracted by these beautiful attraction points. It has a few classic places to visit and some fabulous places to enjoy. 290 more words


Take your Imagination Higher with an Ultimate Trip on the Baltic Cruise

Roaming is an eventual inspiration. It is a wonderful way to bring power and love back in life. Today, the life of everyone is busy enough to spend quality time with family and friends. 314 more words