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Why sanctions on Russia will not work

So finally, the EU has bitten the bullet and imposed sanctions on Russia. At first sight it may look like problems ahead for Russia. But dig a little deeper and you will realize that these sanctions are more of a face-saving sham and may have little impact on Russia’s policy on Ukraine. 601 more words


Wandering Snail (Radix balthica)

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Last days of Baltic - and last day of Blog ?

I am bringing my Baltic blog to a rapid close with my two days in Denmark and showing only one pic to avoid the horrendous technical issues I’ve been having with WordPress. 528 more words


Baltic Blog: Arrival at Svartlöga

Having got afloat in record time the previous day, there was still a certain amount of loading to be done before we were ready to leave, so having had a well earned lie in, it was almost midday before we set off. 335 more words

Cape Cutter 19

Baltic Blog: Launched at Last

We arrived to a gloriously sunny Göteburg and Transpulp executed a precise spin and reverse onto her berth.

We were soon off ship; the Swedish border police ladies were more interested in our holiday plans than in any potential contraband secreted on Aurora. 428 more words

Cape Cutter 19

Baltic Blog: First exploration


After our long journey, and reunited with Niki and Alice at our friend’s summer house on Svartloga, we decided to have a restful day. The summer house was busy, as Trevor and his family wee joining his mother and brother and his family; thirteen of us in all. 153 more words


St Petersburg - far too nice to ban

If some people ( mainly P&O passengers ) had their way, lovely St Petersburg would be dropped from Baltic cruises – in protest against Russia’s attitude to Ukraine. 601 more words