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Can Malians trust each other?

As the Malian government and northern rebels prepare for negotiations called for by the “roadmap” recently signed in Algiers, it’s worth asking how much trust exists between the different sides. 1,214 more words

on the rain

in school history books, and cheesy movies, you learned about those ancient (and not so ancient) civilizations whose agricultural practices made them dependent upon fickle precipitation, and even more fickle gods. 208 more words


Residents of Timbuktu Walked Out Of Mosque When Occupying Fundamentalists Spoke

I’ve been waiting for such stories to surface in Mali. Here we have it, some proof, a human story from Timbuktu exposing the fact that Malian people in the North did exhibit peaceful resistance to the fundamentalist soldiers that occupied their town in Mali. 82 more words


What The Poor Never Know.. Could Hurt Them....

Read this story this week. From a very interesting 1969 Peace Corps Memoir. I think it still sums up the attitude, comprehension, and interest the rural villages often have toward their countries politics. 454 more words


Making Sense Of Mali and the Tuareg

Just when I think I am getting a handle on the situation in northern Mali, comments like this appear in news articles.

“Negotiations between Bamako and representatives of…

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How We Live In Foreign Lands... What The Real Story Is About

Been reading an ancient Peace Corps memoir written by a married couple serving in Ecuador in early 1962-1963. This paragraph had a message.

“I cannot make any generalizations about the problems created by our image abroad because North Americans in foreign lands vary from the “let’s-go-native” variety to the “we-live-in-an-ivory-tower” type.

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on the patiences

Question: if good things come to those who wait, does patience come as well?

A new variety of patience has made itself known during the process of Growing Up. 291 more words