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on the patiences

Question: if good things come to those who wait, does patience come as well?

A new variety of patience has made itself known during the process of Growing Up. 291 more words


Where Paper Cement Bag Wallpaper is Considered Progress.

I remember the smile of a Malian man who became the proud owner of his first bicycle. Yes, the bicycle with smooth balding tires, torn seat, two broken pedals with only the steel spikes to pedal with, a frame welded back together in several places, and a set of Malian feet shod with worn flip-flops. 347 more words


Inevitable Islam

Bamako. It’s 3:30am and someone has been singing verses from the Koran non-stop for well over an hour. Not very loud but very persistent. He must be keeping hundreds awake at this hour but clearly no-one is going to tell him to be quiet. 896 more words


Malian armed groups agree to talk peace

Source: Al Jazeera

Three armed movements from northern Mali have signed a joint statement in Algiers, declaring that they are ready to work for peace with the Bamako government, Algeria’s foreign ministry said. 348 more words


C’est Qui Une Américaine / Une Française ?

Comments on nationality from my friends and co-workers:


Me (in French): “Adama, look what I made last week!” (points to charts and schematics I drew up and posted on the wall) 207 more words

before the rains

lately, the chickens hang upside down, clucking into a suffocating wind.
cattle mutiny on the bridges.
rams roll through town, bound at hoof and horn like criminals. 85 more words


on a commute (part 2)

a local commute: one vehicle, one angle, one window of 30 minutes starting around 7am local time.