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New Video: Halloween Deer Makeup Tutorial

It’s Halloween time guys! Here is the look I’ve put together! :) Enjoy!


Money Makes The World Go Round

It occurs to me that every time I search for some new shoes or styles, I head straight to the high end shops that I can’t actually afford to shop in; this does make me a little sad. 997 more words


Oh Deer

Bambi is the rainy day movie of choice here in the Mutiny Kids Hub. Soon, we’ll be trying to comfort ourselves as we wonder where is that cute little Deer’s mom gone? 36 more words

Frozen has my child

One film that I feel I have totally underestimated is Frozen. Yes, Frozen – that film that made gazillions. I didn’t quite realise what a huge impact that film has made to popular culture. 357 more words

The greatest horror show of all time and why it happened?

What is the greatest horror show of all time? I am sure a number could be thrown out. For the record I hate horror shows, but while attending Bible School I ended up going to the movie… 1,103 more words


Fatherless Daughters, or What I Wish my Dad had Said to Me

“Hey, girls, why so glum?”

“Bambi’s boyfriend just broke up with her, Abba. He said that he wants a more feminine, sexy girlfriend—she’s so hurt. It seems she always falls for the wrong guy… 316 more words