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I used the word bamboozled in the story of the Magick family which I am writing at the present… and it seemed such an unlikely word for the narrator to use that I had to tell a little story about it, explaining why he might have used it as he did. 150 more words


Is there an economic value in sabotaging attempts to stop the Midhurst Secondary Plan?

The raw land is worth 10s of million of dollars: the value after zoning and approvals, 100s of million $.

As the October 27th municipal election comes around, Which politicians are likely to… 27 more words

Township Of Springwater

We have no choice about teaching mythology; we have only the choice between teaching genuine and perverted kinds of it.

The aim of education is to be able to distinguish illusion from reality.

Education makes a bad man more dangerous; it does not make him a better man. 13 more words


No matter how creatively and glibly social media tries to spin doctor it … “Bossiness” is the same thing as “Bullying” and is a form of aggression. 28 more words


Ash Wednesday

Oh boy, where do I even begin about today.  It was definitely unforgettable to say the least.  Susan being ridiculous and putting up with the devil children.   1,841 more words