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no more leaders.

no more leaders.

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"White face": Does it even exist?

*trigger warning: Racism is explored, & “White guilt”. Please be respectful if commenting on sensitive issues. Debate is welcomed; personal attacks are not.*

One of my favorite things right now is Nick Cannon, & his “ 765 more words


How Giving Your Contact Info To "Yellow Page USA" Turns Into Legal Threats And An Invoice For $1,200

What do you do when your company receives a free solicitation for a business listing and Facebook page? You might be tempted to snatch up a good deal, but there’s a good chance that deal will land you in the middle of a widespread scam. 750 more words


When someone shows you who they really are,
please believe them; I had to learn that the hard way.

I gave too many people the benefit of the doubt, 52 more words


State Demands Man Repay $15,000 In Benefits He Never Received, Takes His Tax Refund

If the state accidentally pays you $15,000 in unemployment benefits, you’ll probably have to pay that money back. But what about when the state demands repayment of that money, even though you never received it in the first place?