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the accidental loaf (pineapple and bananas)

It was suppose to be a loaf of banana bread, but as I began I realized that I have far less than the required amount of banana. 191 more words

Kitchen Adventures

Nutella Swirl Banana Loaf

It is becoming clear that 3 ingredients are dominating my blog.

Lemons, chocolate, and bananas.

Now, I am so far undecided on whether or not this is a good thing. 552 more words


Caramelized Banana Loaf

This recipe is so easy to whip together that my toddler could do it. In fact – she did!  Warning: the baking time is long at 2.5hrs – but the deep caramelized flavour is worth it. 525 more words

Recipes For Kids

Banana Bread - Part 2

So yesterday, I cooked up some banana bread – yum! The results were a little different from what I expected but I definitely think it could be one for the recipe file. 345 more words

Things That I Love

"Alight" Chocolate Rye Banana Bread

Since moving to London my vocabulary has grown immensely! People here use such a beautiful array of words to describe eeeeeverything! They can make the most mundane things sound wildly exciting. 494 more words


I am a good girlfriend

I am a good girlfriend.

When I was away a few weeks ago my fella rang me up to declare he wanted pudding. What he thought I was going to do about getting him dessert from 200 miles away I’ll never know, but that’s men isn’t it?! 456 more words


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

So cliché for my first post but it was my most recent bake and my fiancée and I’s favourite banana bread this far, though I am always trying to search or invent new recipes as banana bread is so versatile so I will keep this updated. 239 more words