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Juicing Saves Me Money

Try Juicing

It is beneficial to your health and you save money by not throwing away food. You can toss in all kind of fresh fruit. 220 more words

Banana Licuado

When my mom travelled around Mexico in the late 1980s, licuados were very common.  These beverages are delicious summer snacks or breakfasts!  This recipe uses my favorite proportions of banana and milk.   100 more words

Homemade Hair Mask! ⎪Spa Series

Hello everyone!

So as promised I am adding to the Spa Series that I started the other day with my homemade face mask recipe. Todays post ( 452 more words

Banana, almond butter & bacon!

What do you think? So easy! You only need for this paleo snack: bananas, almond butter and bacon. I’m not sure yet about the fried bacon but let me tell you I’m gonna try it very soon.


WWW. Meatloaf and Banana Pancakes.

This week’s lunch was made in a bit of a rush. I forgot to get enough bacon, so I had to hurry to the shops to get another pack. 224 more words

Recipe Corner

Whole wheat banana zucchini bread [recipe]

Don’t you hate when you have bananas that get more ripe than you like? This recipe puts them to good use. I can barely stand bananas after they stop being green, but now I get excited when our bananas get brown. 274 more words


Fat Free Banana Bread

I’ve gone bananas for this, it’s honestly amazing. (It’s so good I’ve had to make it twice this week already!)

And the best thing its totally refined sugar and fat free so, if you are like me and can’t stop yourself going back for seconds, thirds (or even fourths sometimes! 476 more words