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Choco Banana Almond Shakeology

Ok, so Les and I have been using Shakeology for a while now, and we are both fine tuning our favourite recipes. Chocolate is a winner, hands down! 95 more words


This is bananas!

After image googling Woman Eating Banana, I have discovered some fairly interesting pictures I’d like to share with you. Please, let me introduce you to my favorites among the hundreds thousands of images related to banana eating women! 267 more words


Day 50

Friends who hook you up with bananas and vegan cheese are friends to be treasured :)

Episode 2: The Year Harry Styles Became My God Part 1

Disclaimer: Harry Styles if you are reading this please just skip right on to the next post. This one has absolutely nothing to do with you. 1,126 more words

RT4 day 19, and my new hair cut.


It’s  gonna be a good day today! I just had my first breakfast (400g of melon) and later on I  will eat some banana’s. I have a appointment with my psychologist, something that first scared me, but I came to the point that I may consider it helpfull. 53 more words


Morning greens

For the family!

Today…frozen bananas, kale, chard, courgette, carrot, almond milk, spirulina and cinnamon. Blended for many minutes (while we did our wake up smoothie dance!) so extra frothy. 13 more words


Blackberry smoothie

Today’s morning smoothie eaten in a bowl!

Today…LOTS of local blackberries with some courgette, apple and banana thrown in too, blended with ice cubes and topped with kiwi, cinnamon and ground flax seeds. 8 more words