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John Green Quote #007

“Are you a banana?”

“Oh come on. These questions are just getting stupid. Like, do I have some kind of pale exterior that you can peel away and then-”

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I Do This A Lot - Trust Me

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

And somehow another month has gone by and I’ve been negligent in posting. It’s been a busy few weeks but life is calming down for a few days, so I figured I should get this recipe up before my family arrives for the Easter weekend. 207 more words


Green Banana of bloggers

On a scale of rock solid avocados to rotten tomatoes, I am as new to blogging as a green banana.

This blog will attempt to answer the question: “Did I kill my creative writing side when I went to engineering school?”  While I do love killing things (small pests, insects, life of the party, etc.), I hope some readers find my posts fun and funny, and agree that I, like everyone, can learn to be creative (again). 108 more words



It’s not about The Velvet Underground & Nico album cover designed by Andy Warhol (though I wish it were). It’s not a reference to Gwen Stefani’s hit Harujuko song. 207 more words


A mountain of green,
So to be ripped yellow,
Covers the scene,
Of the spring’s meadow.


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