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jang won korean restaurant, chinatown

simple and comforting korean food – a good mix of banchan as well, and that pretty much seals the deal for me. it’s pretty nice to see… 262 more words


Lesson on Making Kimbap (김밥) & Traditional Korean Dinner

* First of all, apologies about the Everland bear videos (previous post). I was told the links for the videos didn’t show up in the emails. 511 more words

Banchan! (Korean)

I’m a fan of Korean food from BBQ, to delicious noodle dishes, and of course the best meal-in-a-bowl, bibimbap (white rice, vegetables, ground meat, and raw egg). 144 more words

Pic! Of The Day

Kongnamulguk and Gamja Jorin (AKA Soybean sprout soup and potato side dish)

And thus begins my adventures in Korean cooking. I will master this delicious cuisine. This post is dedicated to my attempt at recreating a delicious soup and one of my favorite banchans. 226 more words


Jang Soo Jang

I am so lucky to be living with someone who loves Korean food (and dramas) as much as I do. And maybe a little bit more! 458 more words


Bibimbap (비빔밥) - Mixed Rice Bowl with Vegetables & Beef

Are you ready to learn how to make a healthy, versatile, & a famous Korean rice dish? It’s called Bibimbap! Basically, “bibim” means to mix and “bap” is rice in Korean. 489 more words