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A girl's gym bag must -haves!

All you lovely girls out there, I am sure all of you have this glitch of what to take when you go gymmmig. I always had an issue during my beginning days. 466 more words

no one's safe

with waterslides and hot-tubs come loose band-aids.  it’s just part of the deal.

Have a great day everyone!  tomorrow’s comic is gonna be a bit of a “mobile experiment”.   9 more words

Day #305 8/1/14: He's just scratched...

Me and my nephew after I had a fun day with my friend at Yardhouse…

Like Freckled Raindrops On A Summer's Day

“Daniel,” I said, staring at his knuckles flexed on the steering wheel, “your hand is bleeding.”

Daniel looked at his hand with confusion. His brows angled downwards; it was so slight and slow-coming that it seemed like if you looked hard enough, there’d be no confusion written all over his face. 1,129 more words

The Great Band-Aid Obsession

“All children with Autism love stickers”

—- DC hates stickers! Hates them, but still people insist on giving him stickers, mailing him stickers and putting stickers on him! 1,150 more words


Trifecta Curry Chili

A trinity of spices: chili powder, taco seasoning, and sweet curry or a triumvirate of vegetables:  carrots, peas, and cauliflower- either way three is the magic number… 331 more words


Book Club: Mad World (Animotion, Band-Aid and Afterword)

This is our final book club for the book, Mad World.  We will finish by discussing the last three chapters on Animotion, Band-Aid and the Afterword by Moby.   2,682 more words

Duran Duran