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A 2am Emergency visit

A 42 y/o male called 911 and requested transport to hospital in the wee hours of the morning.  He presented to our trauma center emergency department – c/o a blister…to his toe.   53 more words

NaPoMo Day 16 (a dream of roses)


(a dream of roses)

a dream of roses.   blood red.   growing in
tangled vines. glowing like mangled veins as
i walk along the garden path.    83 more words

Jesus loves me even when I sin (Day 9 of 2 Weeks 2 the Cross)

Peter was scared. But, he also had to know what was happening to Jesus. So he tried to blend in outside the house where Jesus was taken after his arrest. 307 more words


I'm So Manly

I’m so manly
I can do things you cannot
You’re living in fear
I’m making princess band-aids look hot
This life already tough enough
No need to add what others think… 15 more words


I Remember Peaches Smiles

Peaches Geldof, daughter of rock great Bob Geldof, died at the spry age of 25

Few reports about what happened are coming through, but Ghoul Pool sources say that she apparently held a big socialite party where she disguised her pain with small-talk.   663 more words

To swing

O! rumble porcelain cloud! pouring rain down 
copper downspouts! Shadows wandering off 
into doorways to stay dry; i do not despise the 
storm, yet, here i stand dethroned, a skinned… 14 more words