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Bandaids as low as $.25!

There’s a new $1.50/2 Bandaids Coupon out now. We have a couple good deals for you!

If your local Wal-Mart has these on Sale for only $1.00 (some Wal-Mart locations do), then you can score these for only $.25! 46 more words


Finding the humor in bedtime negotiations

Anyone who has ever said that bedtime should not involve a negotiation has clearly never tried to put a four or two year-old to bed. I always imagined bedtime with my kids would be a serene time when we would reflect on our days, read books and sing songs… and then they’d drift peacefully to sleep. 710 more words


Seeing Beyond the Shell

Band-Aids were invented out of the need to keep wounds contained. It had become a nuisance to grab cotton, gauze, and tape everytime you got a little blood drawn. 297 more words

Band Aids® won’t help these potatoes?

Like humans, potatoes develop scabs. Although they look similar – raised, rough, brown growth on the surface of the skin – they are fundamentally different. The scabs you got when you scraped your knee as a child are part of the human body’s natural healing process. 471 more words


Eye Glass Case as Travel First Aid Kit

I recently was inspired to create a first aid kit from my old eye glass cases.  At first, I wanted more room, and I ended up making a first-aid kit out of an old laptop cord case.   191 more words

Repurpose: Laptop Cord Case as First Aid Kit

I initially got this idea from looking at repurposing pins on Pinterest for what to do with cases for eye glasses. I went to make a first aid kit out of one of them, but really couldn’t fit much in there. 96 more words

Finding the healing power of bandaids

I wouldn’t say that I lie to my kids. But I would be lying if I said that I don’t stretch the truth. Sure, you can judge me and drop your jaw incredulously, but we all do it. 550 more words