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I had a realization that I didn’t like.  I have been mad at Oma for not accepting Stonybrook and I just realized that maybe I am no better accepting things I don’t like.  269 more words

I’m promoting my new blog by wearing Band-Aids every day!

…Just kidding, I sliced my fingers open with a pair of scissors.

It's been 3 years...

Since my first two posts, which I have yet to decide whether I should delete and start over fresh or leave for old times sake, and a few laughs. 322 more words


Tin Cans: Problem Solved

Two days ago, my family and I went out because we—I, mostly—were getting bored being stuck inside the house for almost a week or two. 313 more words



Have you ever put a bandaid on the hand of an autistic child? It’s a nightmare.
Saturday Harrison hurt his hand and had a booboo on his thumb. 126 more words

Pain hurts; love doesn't

Pain is such an inconvenience.

Oh, and it just plain hurts.

I think one of the most frustrating things about pain is that it often leaves us with the inevitable question: … 747 more words

Not Cut Out for Motor Cross

Hi guys! For those of you who are still following me on my journey, thanks!! I’m going on my seventh week now—isn’t that crazy?! These seven weeks have been eye-opening, exciting, eventful, and surreal to say the least. 2,087 more words