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Heel Band-Aids

At this very moment, my life is weird.

As I sit here in my bed like a butterfly, I had a moment of what the effery. 438 more words

Book Number 290- Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard

Little N adored this one because he is obsessed with boobies and band -aids and the like.  Bird is playing and gets a bonk on his head.  His friends try to help.

Books For Preschoolers Age 3-5

Oh, the fun you can create with finger cuts. :P

Twelve days ago, I slightly injured my finger at work. I slipped, and I caught the barista wall on my way down, which ceased my fall; however, my left middle fingertip wasn’t as fortunate. 311 more words

Donut vs Doughnut

It’s properly spelled doughnut, but the word donut became popular and widely used because of the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise. I don’t know why this makes me uncomfortable, that a food chain has enough power to change the common understanding of the English language. 112 more words


I had a realization that I didn’t like.  I have been mad at Oma for not accepting Stonybrook and I just realized that maybe I am no better accepting things I don’t like.  269 more words

I’m promoting my new blog by wearing Band-Aids every day!

…Just kidding, I sliced my fingers open with a pair of scissors.

It's been 3 years...

Since my first two posts, which I have yet to decide whether I should delete and start over fresh or leave for old times sake, and a few laughs. 322 more words