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Mr. Go Intro and the Band Plays "Dragon Dance"

For the Middle School Band:

Here’s the video I promised teaching the intro to “Mr. Go” on Trumpet, Clarinet, and Flute. A little tricky on trombone- but if you’re up for the challenge, watch any instrument and start on a low F. 65 more words

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The Reader's Soul

Announcement: marching season is over tomorrow, but while that means I’ll have more time to post, I also won’t have much to post about. So I’m going to have to play the next weeks by ear. 31 more words


Anna Plays "Think of Me"

This is a great example of what kind of work you can do when you practice at home, can play all of your band music, and come to play in the mornings! 68 more words

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Open Music Room!

Opening the music room at 7:30 last week proved to be a smashing success!
On Wednesday morning 6 students came, Thursday 10, and Friday 11! 48 more words

Instrument Lessons


I will be opening the music room every morning (except Tuesday) at 7:30 am for our instrumentalists 4-8 to come in a play. They can use the time/space for individual practice or for extra instruction with me OR each other! 124 more words

3/4 Grade

Practice Tool for Middle School Band- "Mr. Go"

Hey Middle School Band members!

I made a video of the main melody of “Mr. Go” for you to practice with. We’ll be adding the introduction to the song THIS WEEK so you’ll want to make sure you’re solid on this part. 32 more words

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The Electric: Does Tone Matter?

On forums, on blogs, on Facebook, on Instagram. Worship guitarist posts pic after pic of their pedalboards, or their amps, or their guitars. I’ve done it. 664 more words