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Support the crazies in style!

Souvenir Support bandanas with original illustration art by Takashi Urashima now available. Follow Takashi @ein883 on Instagram, and get yours today to support the crazies in style! 53 more words

Baja 500

We Need To Talk About Jim

For all the messy-haired, skinny-jean wearing ‘stylish’ hipster YouTubers there really isn’t a very big selection who manage to remain stylish in a classy and refined way quite like Jim Chapman. 408 more words



I am 30 and 31 is around the corner.

I refuse to be that woman that didn’t have fun, live life and play around a little. 34 more words

Char's Beauty Blurb


I’m hoping some of you will remember this and it wasn’t just a craze that me and my friends decided was ‘in fashion’ back in our high school days… 114 more words

How To Be An Original - Part I

Hello, my Diamond Girls!

School will be starting soon and my guess is you might be thinking what a FABULOUS year it could be for you if you only knew exactly what to do! 1,744 more words


ICT Bandana Tunic SS14

Combining the aesthetic charms of the ancestral tunic with the increasingly tiresome bandana motif we’re presented with another highly sought-after ICT release. Reserved for only the most ardent denizens of Hiroki’s high-roller club it’s a remarkable feat, perhaps an act of providence, that I ended up with this piece. 182 more words


The Bandana: A Wardrobe Staple

One of our favourite items currently in our shop is the simple bandana. Its history is actually rooted in the United States’ fight for independence around 200 years ago. 200 more words

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