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They say first impressions can be deceptive and I certainly didn’t hold out much hope for a song title Heart Full Of Beef, but my fears were allayed on this track from… 45 more words


An open letter to music... and you

So as I sit here, in an empty studio, head still ringing from last night’s bands yet cloudy from the mornings smoke. I can’t help but to think about the state of today’s music scene. 705 more words


Travel Check - 66$

Paris based Travel Check recently released 66$, a four step journey into a world made of fuzzy tones and garage sounds.

Starting with the title track, the listener is instantly surrounded by a catchy vibe. 134 more words


Baron - Columns

I first came across Baron purely by accident when they provided support to the band Wolf People at the Exchange venue, Bristol. Personally I thought they stole the show. 92 more words

Old Man's Adventures In Bandcamp

Noises Next Door

By Drew Haughey

The record deal can be a funny place to be. It can offer transport right to the top of charts and critical opinion, and yet; despite not being a physical body, has often been described as suffocating. 798 more words



Thrashing guitars and thumping drums collide on today’s #onegoodthing.

Bruce and Carl‘s Hey You is a slab of garage-tinged punk-pop that is lovably ramshackle and a bit of a toe-tapper.