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Wolf, the Rabbit

The wolf era is here.


From Kansas City, Wolf, the Rabbit produces music with a unique techno flavor. Nate K. , lead singer and guitarist, says that the music that they play is mostly experimental and may consist of different stuff later on. 275 more words

Bands For You

Am i kinda getting popular on here?

So for the past few days, i’ve realised the views i’m getting on my blog – more specifically certain posts have been on a rise. I’ve also noticed people liking my posts and i wanted to say thanks! 59 more words


I love JP & Luke, they are one of my favourite bands and most people know them as “those guys that did the JCB song” and possibly nowadays you might have heard Ed Sheeran cover their song ‘All my Life’ . 117 more words


You call that music!?! The struggle of kids and their music

I try to keep an open mind when it comes to music.  I understand everyone has their preferences.  Each generation fights the next generation about what they consider good music.   693 more words