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Halloween With The Oracle of Film

I don’t know about tricks, but I’ve got a shedload of treats for you guys this Halloween. As with everyone, I am going to be doing my very own horror movie marathon. 219 more words


Gotham 1.05: Instability creates opportunity

“Instability creates opportunity” has been a growing motif in Gotham.

It’s one that the major crime families have exploited for years. It’s one that opportunistic cops have leaned on, and ambitious lower-level politicians, too. 412 more words


Why be batman when you can be Bane?

This is what I did today when Rowan was napping….

Then I forgot I was wearing it and this happened

Guys- I love Halloween.

Daily Card #11 — Dota 2

A while back on the Magic Set Editor forums, there was a card design challenge in which your card had to interact with or use -1/-1 counters in some way. 270 more words

Daily Card


Just got a chance to watch last nights episode of Gotham called “Viper”. Obvious this episode sort of give us a sneak peek of what could be the venom that BANE has running threw his body. 186 more words


'Gotham' Sees A 'Viper' Strike In Its Latest Episode

Gotham continues to be surprising, and a little frustrating, as a show. This episode, in particular, manages to show off its strengths and even address some weaknesses, while still having some problems. 410 more words


Tom Hardy to Reprise Bane Role in 'Suicide Squad' Movie?

Warner Bros. Pictures have announced a 2016 release date for the live-action antihero action adventure ‘Suicide Squad’.

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