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Seven Snake Day

Sometimes in Bangkok I could go weeks or even months between snake finds. When the herping was tough, I said “just wait for the rainy season”. 217 more words


How to go from Bangkok to Ayutthaya 's archaeological city

Bangkok is an enormous city, with many activities that to do inside the city and in his surroundings. A trip that is possible to do for one day is to Ayutthaya city, at only 1 hour and a half from Bangkok (80km), Ayutthaya is a city full of history, the old capital of the kingdom of Siam, with an archaeological zone of almost 15km squares was declared Heritage of the Humanity by the UNESCO in 1991, it was an important economic and trade center, located in an equidistant point between China and India, was in his moment the most active city connecting East and West, in his epoch of maximum brilliance in Ayutthaya there existed more than 1500 temples and 4000 statues which were destroyed by the Birmano army. 436 more words


PEER Science Participants' Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, September 30-October 4, 2013.

Following are links through which you can download the presentations made by speakers at the PEER Science Participants’ Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, September 30-October 4, 2013. 283 more words


Cómo ir desde Bangkok a la ciudad arqueológica de Ayutthaya

Bangkok es una ciudad enorme, con muchas actividades que hacer dentro de la ciudad y en sus cercanías. Un viaje que es posible hacer durante un día es conocer la antigua ciudad de Ayutthaya, a sólo 1 hora y media de Bangkok (80km), Ayutthaya es una ciudad llena de historia, antigua capital del reino de Siam, la zona arqueológica de casi 15km cuadrados fue declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 1991, fue un punto importante centro económico y de comercio, ubicada en un punto equidistante entre China e India, fue en su momento la más activa ciudad conectando Este y Oeste, en su época de máximo esplendor en Ayutthaya existieron más de 1500 templos y 4000 estatuas las cuáles fueron destruidas en su mayoría por el ejército Birmano. 425 more words


Bangkok - Calypso Cabaret

Our first night in Bangkok was spent going to Asiatique. Asiatique was accessible by boat so Luciana and Jonathan took this opportunity to use the boat taxis along the Chao Phraya River. 355 more words

Erawan Shrine @ Bangkok, Thailand

The Erawan Shrine in Bangkok attracts lots of worshipers and believers to pay respects to Phra Phrom God, who is the Thai version of the Hindu God – Thao Maha Brahma, also known commonly as the “Four-Faced Buddha” .