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The ability to control the center of gravity over the base of support in a given sensory environment. 726 more words

Cerebral Palsy India

Southlit Submissions

Southlit the new sister journal of Eastlit is now almost ready to launch. Southlit is aimed at creative writing, literature and artwork from or connected to South Asia. 119 more words


My latest project - VICE News - Anarchy At The Ballot Box: Bangladesh Rising

I was on an hiatus from the blog due to work, which I cannot complain. My wife, Tania Rashid, and I had the pleasure of working with VICE News to produce a piece on the Bangladesh elections that took place last winter. 122 more words

Dhaka's Officegoers of Friday

Commercial districts are not usual to stay vibrant, day or night, on Fridays. But these two men were, with a chat on probably office politics. A momentary silence happened due to an unintentional interruption by me, as the click indeed made a noise of ‘click’, and the guy at left looked back for the source of it. 7 more words


A year after the Bangladesh garment factory collapse, there are no easy answers

In Affluenza, the prescription for a better future includes creating what authors John de Graaf et al. call an affordable economy. “To create a healthy, germ-free economy we’ll need to slow the metabolism of human civilization itself, by improving the usefulness and also questioning the necessity of certain habits an products.” 1,520 more words