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1.THE PEN BORROWERS : They are always in the bank, common pen dey won’t have.have. This people are very dangerous, once u borrow them the pen, u might find it difficult to identify them, At a bank in Nigeria,once someone tells u “can I have ur pen”Believe me bros, that is the last time u will see that Pen.(except if u are lucky). 285 more words


Bernanke Gets Turned Down For A Refinance Loan?

Why was the former head of the Federal Reserve turned down? He now has irregular income with no pay stubs and does not have a job. 249 more words

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RHB Bank

RHB Bank

Designer : DWP Thailand
Location : All Seasons Place, Bangkok



As much as a wife trusts God and has faith in Him, she really doesn’t have control over her mood when she’s broke!
It’s quite scary when you know that your very demanding kids may need stuff at any point in time and you just can’t give it to them. 192 more words

Day 2: "We're not lost, we're just not where we should be"

After our success yesterday, we decided to follow the advice the guy in the first bank gave us to try a branch off the main street. 247 more words


Conversions: Inside This Rundown Detroit Bank is a Very Stylish House

Thursday, October 23, 2014, by Jenny Xie

Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard via Curbed Detroit
Over in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, an extreme makeover over a year in the making is wrapping up, and with it, one can now add “desolate bank” to the long list of unexpected…

Farmer's Market

Three hours of sleep last night again. What’s wrong with me?! But I survived a long day with my three classes, a nap, and a trip to the Farmer’s Market. 278 more words