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The cream of milk rises; when shaken, those divides are more difficult to recognize,define – always present in societies:amalgamations.Foam lacing ocean waves gives way to seagulls adding notes to those staffs. 109 more words


Why The Housing Recovery Has Been So Muted: Median US Household Wealth Has Fallen 43% Since 2007

The Federal Reserve’s zero interest rate policies (ZIRP) including quantitative easing (expansion of The Fed’s Balance Sheet of assets) has had a positive effect on asset markets. 185 more words

Banking Bubble

A huge bubble hovers in front of the new headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, July 27.


Jifi - The Social Banking

‘Jifi’ – what could be this Jifi?

That was my first reaction when I came across this word recently. It is quite a catchy and unusual term for the banking sector which is known for using  sophisticated legal terminologies sometimes way beyond the understanding of person with non-financial background. 770 more words



with my server. No emailing and no webbing for waaaaay too long but all seems normal once more. (Let me tell you, no nicotine junkie ever suffered as I have in the last 24 hours, deprived enough to become not only depraved but quite deranged. 169 more words


Taking care of business (or trying to)

Most of my days are a combination of taking care of business (doing stuff that needs to get done both here and in Canada) and exploring my new environment. 798 more words