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A History of Bubbles and Financial Crises (And A Few More!)

The Economist had an interesting article recently entitled “The slumps that shaped modern finance.” The list includes bubbles and crises going back to 1720. 198 more words

BP's Oil Spill Is Still Killing Wildlife, and More!

Deadly Beauty: Water pollution in the Gowanus Canal, New York; much of it stems from fossil fuels. Credit: Steven Hirsch; see more of his art  208 more words

It's Not About The Ride, It's About The Rider.

Well, my dad is pretty badass when riding his bike.


The Real Matrix

Keynes said not one in one-million can detect it (the deception).

The owners of the present system are positioning themselves to do it all again when the currency collapses. 401 more words


Flash Boys

Michael Lewis’s latest book is an important revelation of one way in which the financial infrastructure has been and probably still is abused. The surprising thing is that the big money managers are not necessarily the ones abusing it and even the big banks appear to be playing catch up in taking any benefit from this misuse. 734 more words

Economic Comment

ECB & Central Bank Swindles. Part I

ECB & Central Bank Swindles.
Part I: Making the Poor poorer & the rich richer

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