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Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Winding Up

Insolvency is the inability to pay one’s debts when they fall due.

Insolvent individuals are bankrupted under the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth) whereas insolvent companies are wound up under the… 1,544 more words

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Eliminating Taxes Through Bankruptcy

By Bankruptcy Attorney Tiffany Stewart-Stanley 

There is a common misconception that bankruptcy will not wipe out old tax debts.  The fact is that there are some tax debts that actually can be discharged through bankruptcy.  303 more words


Parents Stuck With $200K In Student Loan Debt After Daughter Dies

The last thing families want to deal with after the death of a loved one is a phone call reminding them of their departed’s debt. But that’s the case for a number of parents who have inherited the obligation to repay the student loans they co-signed for their deceased child.

Moody’s on Tuesday issued a warning that RadioShack’s turnaround plan may never come to fruition.

The credit ratings agency said that although the struggling electronics chain should have enough liquidity to make it through the current fiscal year, it is “increasing likely” it will run out of cash by the fiscal third quarter of 2015. 10 more words


PERSONAL BUDGET: The Envelope Accounting System

In my bankruptcy law practice I have realized that many of my clients have never taken the time to make and live on a budget. Many times the first time my clients have ever made a budget is when they sit down with me to file for… 190 more words

Joseph Raynor - insolvency 17 June 1899

Joseph Raynor was declared bankrupt 17 June 1899.  I viewed Joseph’s insolvency file at QLD Archive, hoping to find clues to his earlier life, particularly in Sicily.   108 more words


Is Thirsty Detroit An American Prophecy?

Detroit was the nation’s third largest, calling itself the “motor city” after its primary economic activity: The world-leading U.S. auto industry. But now, GM makes more cars in China, Chrysler is a department of Fiat and world leaders lie Toyota and Honda make their U.S. 396 more words

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