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Left-wing party Syriza wants to renegotiate Greek debt and end the European Union’s austerity measures. The impact of public debt on the economy is lower in Greece than in Portugal or Italy. 135 more words


The banks of the River Thames in London, UK

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The Best Banking Options For Millennials

When Scratch surveyed over 10,000 millennials, they found four of the top ten hated brands are all banks. The term ‘millennials’ refers to anyone born between 1981 and 2000, and it is this group of tech savvy, futuristic individuals that see a very different future for the world of banking. 652 more words


Why Do People Leave Financial Institutions?

Most marketers can agree that once someone decides to choose your financial institution, it’s crucial to keep them happy. So what makes a satisfied member or customer? 209 more words

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My Mother's Words-The End

  Mom and Marie, at a family function, plotting great things.
I don’t remember the month, but I think it was in 1929*.   I was helping mother dress chickens for dinner when Papa came home from town and said he couldn’t buy and groceries because the bank was closed and would’t let anybody have their money.   836 more words


Don't fund Jaitapur, locals urge European banks

Protesters at the proposed site for a nuclear plant at Jaitapur sent an e-mail to the three main bankers — BNP Paribas, Societe Generale and Credit Agricole in France — on Tuesday, requesting the CEOs not to fund the project. 297 more words

3 surprising reasons why Latin Americans avoid financial instituitons

Guest post by Greg Ritter

Ask yourself this simple question: are you more likely to buy a car once you´ve saved enough money to pay for it in full, or take out a loan to finance it? 428 more words