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I wandered around the centre on Bristol over the weekend – some amazing works – wish I’d had more time to explore further afield. There are a couple of #Banksy images here – the window and the paintpot angel – if you know the names of th eother artists please can you let me know and I’ll credit.





Hyperbolic Heights and Ginger Genius

The first two reviews in writing of the 2015 Ginger Ninja Calendar came from recipients in Belfast. First up, Uncle Bill, retired professional photographer:

Some lovely pictures of your splendid cat, but September 2014 is my all time favourite!

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The best of Banksy

I’m a big fan of the work of world-renowned street artist Banksy as I love his black-and-white stencil style for it’s simplicty and the way he makes such bold statements in the work which he produces.  151 more words


#Graffiti -Tattoos on a wall

I really love street art or graffiti….is it art?…or is it just plain vandalism..possibly!

What ever way you choose to look at it..it is there in every city in the world. 377 more words


Right off the Wall

This Banksy piece was stolen from the streets from a gallery named Keszler from South Hampton. Last night, I got a chance to speak with the owner of the gallery after the Art Silicon Valley VIP after party the fair had at the Four Seasons Hotel.   390 more words


Banksy - Diver

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