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Framed Fine Art

School House Blues: 2/14/14, 10:38 pm, Bannack, Montana, f 8, 1/250 sec, Canon EOS Rebel XS

I had such a hard time choosing a photo for my big framed art piece. 128 more words

Fine Art Image

Here’s a copy of my fine art image I chose to print as a 20×30 inch poster. Someone from my class brought the jewels to Bannack, and I brought the bowl. 124 more words

Alicia Bingham


Ok, so let me start off with, my photo’s did not work well with the HDR program. And I do not have enough time to drive to Montana and take more photos, nor do I have the expert photoshop skills to make these pictures perfect. 140 more words

Bannack Best

These are just some of the photos I loved. Unfortunately we can not include photos we took for the other categories, otherwise I would have included a lot more photographs that I took. 156 more words


Macro- Bannack

Macro photography is personally my favorite type of photography, so I had a great time taking these photos. Bannack was full of amazing small details to photograph. 192 more words


Bannack Portraits

Classic Cowboy: 02-14-14; 1:45pm; Bannack; f/4.0; 1/320; external flash; Canon EOS REBEL T4i

I absolutely loved the lighting on this model! We had an external flash that we had positioned to the left of the model and it created this amazing lighting. 86 more words

Digital Imaging

Bannack Best - Bannack Ghost Town

Out of all the images I took, I really like many of the ones I chose for my previous posts; but here are my other favorites. 140 more words

Alicia Bingham