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My Banned Book List: an Update on Living with a Four Year Old

I was an English major in college with an emphasis in literature, so I’ve never really been one to support banning books, but I may have found a book no longer welcome in my home. 316 more words

Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf: The struggle is real (literally)

I couldn’t tell you precisely when, where, why, or how (this is already starting off as an information-packed blog post), but when I began reading Anne Frank’s… 1,098 more words


School Board Bans John Green's Paper Towns After One Complaint

This happened a few weeks ago, maybe more. But I’ve been busy so I haven’t gotten to writing about it.

Basically, this year’s list of eighth grade suggested reading material included popular YA author John Green’s novel of young love… 630 more words

YA Books

Please call ahead to make a reservation

Why is it that during the summer, our class visits skyrocket? Not during the school year – we have some, but not a huge amount – but today we had two; one surprise one (I’ll get to that in a minute), and one that was planned. 370 more words

NLB: Censorship and Intellectual Freedom

“And Tango Makes Three” is a children’s picture book which features the true story of two male penguins that raised a baby chick in a New York zoo. 502 more words


And Tango Got Banned (And Now Archie Too)

Yes, you can read about Hitler’s hideous crimes in World War 2, you can learn about the parts of a bomb, you can know about the love triangle between a expressionless girl, a glittering vampire and a ferocious werewolf, but you can’t read a story about two gay penguins raising up a chick. 3,176 more words


Two daddys and no mommy....

I asked my mother yesterday if she kept watch over what I was reading when I was growing up. She said no. She said she was happy enough that I was reading something – whether it be crime or romance novels or comics. 1,130 more words

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