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Native Advertising - death of display?

I’ve recently written a post about the rise of native advertising and whether this could spell the end of the online display ad all together. You can read more of the feature on… 52 more words


Types of Digital Freelance Work

If you are interested in setting up your own business you may want to consider  performing some type of digital freelance work.

The term “digital freelance”  simply refers to work that can be done online for your clients. 432 more words

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Starting a Digital Freelancing Business

It is almost impossible these days to get very far without hearing the word  “digital”. You have most likely downloaded some form of digital product yourself.  446 more words

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5 Important Reasons Why Consistency Is So Important

Whether you are running a company or in a business opportunity of some type, consistency plays a major role in how you are perceived. Your reputation is measured by how consistent you are in your daily efforts. 641 more words

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Advanced List Building: Audio Series

8 MP3 Series – Advanced List building secrets that is earning Sean Mize & Mark Austin over $15,000+ Per month.

Dear online marketer,

If you are interested in radically increasing your list building results … then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read. 2,250 more words

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A Tip To Reduce Your CPC on AdClickMedia As An Advertiser

If you are using our Photo Text ads, always start with the lowest bidding (5 cents PPC) and then incrementally increase PPC rates when needed. 691 more words

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Maximizing Impressions To Your Campaigns On AdClickMedia

When it comes to marketing your business with AdClickMedia, you need to be able to maximize the amount of exposure that your business receives.

Many people come into PPC marketing and setup one or two campaigns, then they realize that not many impressions are happening so they drop it and give up. 1,108 more words

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