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"Childlike faith" by J. Gresham Machen

“What mars the simplicity of the childlike faith which Jesus commends is not an admixture of knowledge, but an admixture of self-trust. To receive the kingdom as a little child is to receive it as a free gift without seeking in the slightest measure to earn it for one’s self. 165 more words

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"The gospel and envy" by Jonathan Edwards

“The gospel scheme, all of it from beginning to end, tends to the contrary of this spirit of envy. The Christian form of doctrine doth abundantly hold forth those things which militate against a spirit of envy. 322 more words

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"Earnestly seek humility" by Jonathan Edwards

“Let all be exhorted earnestly to seek much of an humble spirit, and to endeavor to be humble in all their behavior toward God and men.  242 more words

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"Love the infinitely condescending God" by Jonathan Edwards

The gospel leads us to love God as an infinitely condescending God. The gospel above all things in the world holds forth the exceeding condescension of God. 824 more words

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Book Review - Pentecost Today? (19/8)

Revivals — What are they? This might seem to be an easy question to answer but, what really are they? What if someone says that there will be a revival held down the street the next month or that a revival has just been happening in a nearby church. 479 more words

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The Valley of Vision -- "Pardon all my sins"

Merciful Lord,

Pardon all my sins of this day, week, year,
all the sins of my life,
sins of early, middle, and advanced years,
of omission and commission, 215 more words

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"The wonderful love of God" by Jonathan Edwards

“The work of redemption, which the gospel declares unto us, above all things affords motives to love. For that work was the most glorious and wonderful work of love ever seen or thought of. 510 more words

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