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Valley School and Vaderhalli Kere, 021214

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Highlight of my morning!

A quick decision made Amith


and me, decide not to go to Nandi Hills as per our original plan but to visit Valley School; the three of us set off in the pre-dawn darkness, and though birding was a bit slow as we drove down the road to the Valley, things picked up once we started walking along the periphery of the School wall. 412 more words

Turahalli Day, 281114

For some years now, we’ve been celebrating

Turahalli Habba, or Festival, or Day

just to register the presence of those who love this patch of forest, and want to prevent any more encroachment… 357 more words

A movie of my favourite haunt: Bannerghatta, zoo area, 261114

Instead of the pictures, this time I decided to try and make a movie, and here goes:

Hope you enjoy the images!

More photos on my FB album,


Exotic species

The biological park at Bannerghatta in India has added 4 EXOTIC SPECIES to its 87-strong repertoire through exchange.  This winter Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) is beckoning tourists with 4 EXOTIC SPECIES, for the first time. 177 more words


My encounter with a tiger

Well, all right, it wasn’t really an encounter. It happened at the safari, at Bannerghatta National Park. And, at the risk of sounding a tad dramatic, it was a defining moment in my life. 583 more words


Birding report from Bannerghatta and Kagalipura area.

Birding duration: 2 hrs.

Interesting spots:

1. Booted Eagle (Dark Morph) – In Kagalipura.

2. Common Kestrel – In Kagalipura.

3. Black Headed Cuckooshrike

4. Shikra chasing Red Wattled Lapwing. 54 more words