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Doughnut Shop Bans "Rude" 4-Year-Old Boy For Asking Woman If She Was Pregnant

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Little kids ask questions. Unfortunately, they don’t always realize that their questions may be insensitive or inappropriate. Lots of adults let kids slide for their occasionally tactless queries, but the mother of one 4-year-old says a local doughnut shop is taking a hard line regarding her son’s behavior.

Well played, Riot.

Browsing through the reddit threads, I’ve come across this, which was posted on the GD forums on League.  This user got a 14 day ban for taking clarity as a summoner spell. 14 more words

League Of Legends

Vimeo Bans a Video Exposing Muslims Who Assault Jews

A few days ago I posted a video at Vimeo showing a despicable event, during which Jews were assaulted by Arab Muslims in the Toronto area for the “sin” of holding a vigil for three Yeshiva students kidnapped and shot by Hamas … 6 more words

Banning Possibilities in the MLG Ruleset

As some of you may or may not know, recently Major League Gaming has offered the ability for Pro Players to take vote on what needs to be banned from the entirety of the MLG Pro Circuit, for Call of Duty: Ghosts. 839 more words


An alphabetical guide to things communities ban for no good reason

A is for Artichokes: In 1935, New York City mayor Fiorella LaGuardia banned the sale, possession and display” of artichokes. But only small ones. It was an offensive move against Ciro Terranova, “the artichoke king.” “In the past and until Thursday,” one article said, “produce men, it was said, either bought artichokes from him or they didn’t have artichokes for sale.” The ban lasted three days…

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Video Alert: B.A.N.S. by Sevyn Streeter

If Mack Wilds and Sevyn Streeter were attempting to get away from the romance rumors between them, they sure are doing a bad job at it. 145 more words