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21 April 2014 Back to Napowrimo

I know today is the 22nd, but I wrote this yesterday.

I cry…

I cry because I’m alone

I cry because my life is stuck in a rut… 236 more words


tank top blues

born day come
born day go
weavin cloth
of indigo

some say stop
some say go
hoodoo in the garden
startin to sew

nice n easy… 94 more words


Missouri sounds the alarm for speeders

States have long tried to find ways to slow down speeding drivers, without much success.

Giving out tickets is an ineffective deterrent, and awareness campaigns never seem to reach their target audience. 492 more words


Geno Segers Set To Officially Become 'Banshee' Season 3 Regular

Geno Segers, whom you will remember from Disney XD’s Pair Of Kings, has been working hard on a show for Cinemax called Banshee. Recently Geno has gone from a reoccurring regular guest character on the show to now being an official regular for the upcoming 3rd season which is set to air in early 2015.

Congratulations Geno!

Disney Star And Celebrity News

who had a meltdown?

The Daily Post : Five Posts to Write Right Now

Screamed like a banshee

Builders blocking the back lane

Renovate or die


Seems like, since I moved here 20 years ago (that’s right TWENTY omg), someone in earshot has been renovating continuously. 96 more words


'Banshee' Promotes Geno Segers and Afton Williamson to Series Regulars

Two of our favorite actors featured on Cinemax’s record-breaking smash hit Banshee have been promoted to series regulars for the upcoming Season 3, which has just begun production Charlotte, North Carolina. 104 more words