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Ghosts and Banshees Convey in NY

If you’ve ever been tempted to write ad copy like this, “Not a moment’s peace to be had in this lovely, turn of the century, Queen Anne Victorian. 618 more words

Final pre-referendum post

I’m leaving in the wee sma oors of Thursday morning for India, to attend the wedding of a friend of mine. So, this is my last blogpost before the referendum. 242 more words

Banshee missiles

Security – it’s a word we’re hearing a lot over the past few days, and one that I suspect (and dread) we’ll be hearing even more over the next two weeks. 1,790 more words

Kate Bush and the Bloody Mary Mix

I have fallen in a Kate Bush rabbit hole this past week and have spent the majority of the week watching the video for “Running Up That Hill” and the BBC documentary of the same name.   692 more words


Scotland swithers, but she swithers together

I’m writing this post by way of a sort of response to a reader (and personal friend of mine), who commented that one of the sadder results of the referendum was that the country appeared to be divided. 1,220 more words

Inis Mór


The island of Inis Mór lies approx 20 miles off the West Coast of Ireland. To me it is one of the most beautiful places on our planet. 132 more words