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If you have an Instagram account and aren’t following Seinfeld2000 then you are wasting your life.

Imagine Seinfeld was still running. Then imagine that in Instagram form.



Ireland, That Little Bit of Everything

So lads, I got thinking.. what on earth was I going to write for my next blog!  I had total writer block all week, it was driving me insane!!! 872 more words

The Time I Tried... Not Apologising

Barbara Taylor gave up the ‘s’ word and lived to tell the tale.

Apologising is a verbal tic; the impulse to say ‘sorry’ before asking a question, or as the Canadians do, apologise when someone else steps on your (literal or figurative) feet. 578 more words




Is anyone out there…ther…the…th

Where’s all your questions…question…questio…

Boy its hollow in Gibber land tonight…tonigh…tonigh

Anyway, I’m just messing with you sort of.

I want to remind you to keep sending in your questions… 131 more words

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Jeff Loves Anne - A Ten Minute Play

#21 – September 16
A Ten Minute Play

Additional Things
This is a musical (singing) saw.
This is a theramin.
Music referenced is linked in context. 2,214 more words


Can print media be used to tell a story?

Print media can be used to tell a story in many ways. The ways in which it can be used vary significantly depending on both where the media is placed and also the way that it is told. 200 more words