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There’s a lot that the Ruaha National Park can boast about. Talk anything Ruaha and indeed you will be talking about nothing but greatness. As famed as other parks can be, this one park that lies almost in the middle of Tanzania has a lot to offer in terms of viewing uninterrupted wildlife pattern. 979 more words

Mathematic notation basics

I am brand new to almost anything mathematical; being new, I would appreciate an assist in deciphering (and later using) notation, like this:


mathscr{R}=\int_0^{\frac{\pi}{2}}\sin^2x\,\ln\big(\sin^2(\tan x)\big)\,\,dx$ 29 more words

Wisdom Is Like A Baobab Tree; No One Individual Can Embrace It

Many of us are on the lookout for the new elixir of life. A surprising candidate which is currently trending, as I believe the phrase is, is the fruit from the one of the most distinctive features of the East African landscape, the remarkable and, dare I say it, pre-historic looking baobab. 487 more words


The Bassein Fort at Vasai

There is an uneasy calm at the break of dawn on 17th February 1739 at Baçaim, an island off the west coast of India. In the fortified part of Baçaim, the Portuguese Commandant, Sylveira de Menezes, who has been tossing and turning the entire night, finally gives up on trying to sleep and prepares to carry out his first inspection of the day. 1,455 more words


A Window to the Past: St. Maryam Dearit

Just a few kilometers north of the Italian War Cemetery in Keren is a quaint, graceful site familiar to elders in the country called St. Maryam Dearit. 321 more words


Under the baobab tree

Come sit with me under the baobab tree,

Where the African breeze will make you feel free

Where you can let your heart fall apart, and the sun dry your tears… 59 more words

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