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Baobabs in the Bourg

It is extremely cliché to rave about the dining experience in France. I have heard many a time that the europeans DAAHHHNN while the Americans EAT, but I must say that I have never had a dining experience like the one I had at Little Africa on my first night out in Strasbourg on Friday. 558 more words

Ilembula by night

Photos from the top: A baobab tree, The water tap in the village, Our house and the neighbour’s dog. 576 more words

Missionary Kids

The water pot of nature

Baobab is the common name of a genus of trees (Adansonia). There are eight species. Six species live in Madagascar, one in mainland Africa, and one in Australia. 245 more words


South of Isalo

Another dodgy breakfast, dodgy by my standards I guess, probably many would be grateful for it… but not me, not today, was still not well. 706 more words


♫ Cruel, Crazy Beautiful World ♫ by Johnny Clegg

It is a strange feeling to come back to a country where you once lived and you aware that you are now a visitor. The advantage being that you savour all that was once familiar……the African sunsets, a late thunderstorm and the warmth of friends.  783 more words