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Đây là bộ sưu tập của chúng tớ đó ;) Hoành tráng không?

Chỗ album này chúng mình giữ kĩ lắm. Mua về mở ra xem rồi lại bọc ni lông rất kĩ, nhét vào hộp, cho vào tủ ;)). 89 more words


Preparing and Going to BAP

Follow up from yesterday’s blog
Later on, after meeting Bishop Christopher Mayfield( representing Bishop of Worcester), my diocese was happy to sponsor me to attend a Bishops’ Advisory Panel (BAP) to see if the Church of England will recognise my call to ordained ministry. 1,542 more words


B.A.P - 0 (Zero)

(Yes I’m Hero)  Yeah, Get you out of my place
Fans my fams and everyone
That’s why I do the best I can 393 more words
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B.A.P - Excuse Me

Ladies and Gentlemen
B.A.P’s Time Is Back, Leggo Neoneneun imman sara gajigo
Neon malhae I’m Ill
Sizega dalleo debwihae mwo doen jul ane 529 more words
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B.A.P - No Mercy (Japanese Ver.)

Yeah, sounds good!
We fly here B.A.P, leggo! Boom, Clap! Boom, Boom, Clap
Boom, Clap! Boom, Boom, Clap 
Boom, Clap! Boom, Boom, Clap  342 more words
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Before the Bishops' Advisory Panel - A personal Experience.

The past 17 months have been a time for exploring and testing my call to ordained ministry within the Church of England through the diocese of Worcester as a sponsoring Diocese… 765 more words

B.A.P - Unbreakable

Sigandeurege jjotgimyeo ggumeul
Hyanghae dallineun nal
Jamdeureul jjochanaemyeo ggumeul
Hyanghae dallideon bam
Garodeunge bichin chukchyeojin
Yeoseot namjaui eokkaeneun
Ggumeul hyanghae dallineun
Jeolmeun narui geurimja 248 more words
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